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  Part IV Translation (30 minutes)

  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to translate a
passage from Chinese into English. You should write your answer on
Answer Sheet 2.





  Chinese educators have already realized the significant meaning of
reading for the country. Some educators suggested setting aside a
special day for national reading in 2003. What they emphasized is
reading good books, especially classical works. People could better
learn to feel grateful, have more sense of responsibility, be willing to
cooperate with others through reading, which is exactly fit for the
purpose of education. It is more important for primary and secondary
students to read. Were they not interested in reading at the critical
time, developing habit for reading in the future will be more




  In order to promote education equity, China has invested 36 billion
to improve rural educational facilities and strengthen the rural
compulsory education in the central and western regions. The funds were
used to better school facilities, buy books, which benefited more than
160,000 primary and secondary schools. They were also spent to purchase
music and painting apparatus. Nowadays children in rural and mountainous
areas can have music and art classes the same as those children in
coastal cities. Some students who transfer to cities for better
education return to the local rural schools again。


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