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必赢娱乐棋牌手机版,Although we may not realize it when we talk with others we make
ourselves understood not only by words.

  Among the kinds of social gestures most significant for second
language teachers, are those which are identical in form, but different
in meaning in the two cultures. For example, a Columbian who wants
someone to approach him often signals with a hand movement, in which all
the fingers of one hand cupped point downward as they move rapidly back
and forth. Speakers of English have a similar gesture, though the hand
may not be cupped and the fingers may be held more loosely. But for
them, the gesture means “goodbye” or “go away”, quite the opposite of
the Columbian gesture. Again in Columbia, a speaker of English would
have to know that when he indicates height, he must choose between
different gestures depending on whether he is referring to a human being
or an animal. If he keeps the palm of the hand parallel to the floor, as
he would in his own culture when making known the height of a child for
example, he will very likely be greeted by laughter. In Columbia, this
gesture is reserved for the description of animals. In order to describe
human beings, he should keep the palm of his hand at a right angle to
the floor. Substitutions of one gesture for the other often create not
only humorous but also embarrassing moments. In both of the examples
above, speakers from two different cultures have the same gesture
physically, but its meaning differs sharply。

We send messages to the people around us also by expressions and body
movements.we call it “body language “,which is a kind of
communication,noverbal communication.

Some gestures are accepted both by Chinese and Americans as having the
same meanings.for example,A smile and handshake show welcome ,Waving
one’s hand is to say”goodbye”,nodding the head means agreement,while
shaking it means disgreement .Putting up a hand means”May I ask a
question?”.Kissing means”love”.

Because culture influences communication.Different country has different
culture.So the way people in different countries communicate is
different And the gesture of putting a hand on a person’ neck is
different for Chinese and Americans.For Chinese,it is to say”someone
will be killed”.For Americans,it shows”I’m full” .And in Thailand,If you
want to signal a person to come near,you should move the fingers back
and forth with palm down should attract our attention. .

All above show that it is important to know the meaning of gestures

.So we can communicate with them in a correct way,not only by words,but
also by body language.I think that it is important in our lives to show
and learn body language ..


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