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Part I WritingNothing Succeeds Without a Strong Will Nothing runs
smoothly in our life. To achieve things successfully, a strong will is
essential. Life is like a Marathon. Many people can’t get to the
terminal. This is not because they are lack of vitality but because
their will of success is not strong enough. To take quitting smoking as
an example, some regard it as a piece of cake. They make up their minds
to quit it in the morning, but in the evening they feel that the smell
of cigarettes is tempting. Their throats are sore, their mouths are
thirsty, and their hands are shaking. After the painful mental struggle,
they tell themselves that “One cigarette is enough. Just take one, and
the next day I will quit it.” By doing this, they surrender to their
weak will. In the end, they have quitted smoking “a hundred times”, but
in no time they succeed. Just like quitting smoking, nothing succeeds
without a strong will. To be successful in one’s life, a strong will
means that you know where you go and you will persist on the road you
choose. Undoubtedly success belongs to those who overcome their weak
will and who hang in there until the last minute.Nothing Succeeds
Without a Strong Will As we have read from above, quitting-smoking seems
easy, but in reality it is rarely achieved. There is something provoking
and interesting in this paradox, just because sword does not wear the
stone as dripping water does. The ability to do something over and over
again in a short time may imply its easiness, but in a long run, a
lifetime maybe, things turn out to be quite the opposite. Also, as is
often the case, one may have obtained all the tools and opportunities to
achieve something, but in the end they still fail due to the will
shortage. So how could we avoid the dilemma? Here is the prime condition
of success: will and perseverance. Concentrate you energy, thought and
mind exclusively on the business in which you are engaged, hang on in
there and be patient, for, as Emerson put it, no one can cheat you out
of your ultimate success but yourself.


Part II Reading Comprehension (Skimming and Scanning)1.A) sticks to them
in their daily life第生龙活虎题的答案就在全文第一句。关键词是not only…. But
also…. ,关键句是The key to integrity is consistency–not only setting
high personal standards for oneself (honesty, responsibility, respect
for others, fairness) but also living up to those standards each day.
这里的live up to 和 选项里的 stick to 归属同后生可畏替换。2.C) It is the basis
of mutual trust关键词是personal and professional,关键句是Trust is
essential in any important relationship, whether personal or
professional. Who can trust someone who is dishonest or unfair? Thus,
integrity must be one of our most important
goals.结合紧接着的问句,我们非常轻易锁定trust这一个选项。3.A. To ensure we
make responsible choices.关键词是identify the risks,关键句是Making
ethical decisions is a critical part of avoiding future problems. We
must learn to recognize risks, because if we can’t see the risks we’re
taking, we can’t make responsible choices. 所以答案很显眼是A。4.B. it is
claimed to be unintentional.关键词是misconduct,关键句是But the fact
that such a violation is “unintentional” does not excuse the misconduct.
和原作意义中度大器晚成致的,便是以此unintentional。因而答案是:B. it is
claimed to be unintentional.5.A. Avoid making excuses.关键词是fool
oneself,关键句是To avoid fooling yourself, watch out for excuses and
try this test这里的watch out for 和
选项里的avoid归属同生机勃勃替换。所以答案是A。6.C. value immediate benefits
most.关键词是regret later,关键句是Those who take risks they later
regret usually focus on immediate benefits (“what’s in it for
me”)。很分明,选项 value immediate benefits most 是不错答案。这里的value
和 focus on 归于同大器晚成替换。7.A) pay more dearly关键词是get
caught,关键句是Those who don’t get caught pay an even higher price.
这里的higher price 和抉择里的more dearly
归属同生机勃勃替换。所以答案是A。8.steal a grade关键词:care about关键句:I’m
not interested in what you’re trying to teach; all I care about is
stealing a grade, regardless of the effect on others.”9.honesty and good
faith最主要词是rely on,关键句是We must rely on the honesty and good faith
of others every day.10.the Watergate scandal至关心重视要词是political and
economic leaders,关键句是Watergate, have undermined the faith of many
Americans in the integrity of political and economic leaders and society
as a whole.

  1. B .Use a ladder to help her reach the tea。

Part III Listening ComprehensionSection A11.B) Go and ask the
window领票窗口。12.A) He fell asleep in the middle of the 电视program.那是道推理剖断题,调查男士的言下之意以致设想语气。could have
wish I could have stayed awake long enough to see the whole thing.
She is worried about missing her
fastest way哪怕不是the most direct
At a
He is being interviewed for a job.那是较为简单的细节推理题。 从position,
C选项错误,他想要贩卖经营的岗位,但并不意味着他自个儿正是发卖经营。16.B) The
man is unlikely to move out of the
The woman is going to make her topic more
They didn’t quite enjoy their last
One19. What do we learn about the man from the conversation?B卡塔尔国He
prefers hot weather to cold
people always complain that when they visit England, the houses are cold
even in the good
is sometimes a bit
weather,热天气。所以,答案为:He prefers hot weather to cold
weather.20. What do Swedish people complain about when they visit
England in winter?B卡塔尔The cold
people always complain that when they visit England, the houses are cold
even in the good
cold houses.21. How does the man describe the short hour of daylight
around 克赖斯特mas in Sweden?C卡塔 尔(英语:State of Qatar)Depressing.女士问:“And what about the
darkness?”男生答道:“around Christmas time there’s only one hour of
daylight, so you really looks forward to the
is sometimes a bit
depressing.”有的时候候真有一点点令人愁肠。因而,本题答案为:Depressing.22. What
does the man say about the Swedish people?B卡塔 尔(英语:State of Qatar)They work hard and play
like to work hard, but play hard,
work hard and play hard.Conversation Two23. What was the man’s major at
university?B卡塔 尔(阿拉伯语:قطر‎French.细节题。在次轮对话中,女士问,“what was your
educational background?”你是怎么着教育背景,男生回答说:“I did a degree in
French at Nottingham.”
笔者在诺丁汉大学读书了保加利亚共和国(The Republic of Bulgaria卡塔尔语学位,所以男人的正规是French。24. What was the
man’s job in secondary schools?C卡塔尔国careers guidance.细节题。在说罢“I did
a degree in French at Nottingham.”之后,男子又接着说“After that, I did
careers guidance in secondary schools.”由此,此题的答案应该为:careers
guidance。25. What attracted the man to Nottingham University?B)Its
pleasant environment.细节题。女士问:“Is there any reason why you went
to Nottingham
I like the look of it.”还越发补充表达道(Mingdao卡塔 尔(英语:State of Qatar):“ The campus is just
pleasant environment.

  点评:事实细节题,首要听先生的观点Why don’t you use the ladder.
strain v。表示拉伸,扭伤 strain your shoulder 拉伤肩部

Section BPassage One26. What did Obcamp’s speech focus on?C) The art of
Japanese brush painting27. Why do Japanese listeners sometimes close
their eyes while listening to a speech?B) To enhance concentration.28.
What does the speaker try to explain?A) How listeners in different
cultures show respect.Passage Two29. What is Chris’s main responsibility
at Taxlong Company? B) Buying and maintain equipment.30. What problem
did Chris encounter in his Division?D)Two of his employees committed
theft.31. What does Chris hope for in the near future?B)Advancement to a
higher position.32 What do we learn about Kim from the passage?D) She is
competing with Chris for the new job.Passage Three33. Why are proverbs
so important?A)They help us see the important values of a culture.34.
According to the speaker what happens to some proverbs with the passage
of time?B) The values they reflect may change.35. What do we learn from
the study of proverbs from around the world?暂缺

  2. D. Outside an art gallery。

Section cCompound Dictation


Our lives are woven together. As much as I enjoy my own company, I no longer imagine I can get through
a single day much less all my life completely on my own. Even if I am on vacation in the mountains, I am eating food
someone else has grown, living in a house someone else has built,
wearing clothes someone else has sewn
from cloth woven by others, using electricity someone else is distributing to my
house. Evidence of interdependence is
everywhere; we are on this journey
together. As I was growing up, I remember being
carefully taught that independence not interdependence was
everything. “Make your own way”,” Stand on your own two feet” or
my mother’s favorite remark when I was face-to-face with consequences of
some action: Now that you’ve made your bed, lie on it. Total
independence is a dominant thing in our culture. I imagine that what my parents were trying to teach me
was to take responsibilities for my actions and my choices. But
the teaching was shaped by our cultural imagines. And instead, I grew up
believing that I was supposed to be totally independent and consequently
became very reluctant to ask for help. I would
do almost anything not to be a burden, and not require any help from

  3. B. She does not quite agree with what the man said。

Part Ⅳ Reading Comprehension (Reading in Depth)Section A47 growth48
stable49 challenges50 certainly51 role52 combined53 significant54
included55 comprise56 solutionsSection BPassage One57. C encourage boys
to express their emotions freely58. A perform relatively better59. C It
fails to give boys the attention they need60. A teaching can be tailored
to suit the characteristics of boys61. C They have sharper visionPassage
Two62. C It makes all the hard work worthwhile.63. D Disputes over money
may ruin a relationship.64. A conflicts between couples tend to rise65.
D men and women view money in different ways.66. C discuss money matters
to maintain a healthy relationship.


Part V

  evaluation n. 代表价值评估 ;an unfair evaluation 有失公正的评头论足;

be concerned
top priority
高校,研讨院; procedure 步骤,程序,thought
命令,整理;discuss 讨论,论述,observe
公众,faculty 全部教师,community

  4. C. Doris fixed up some of the book shelves。

Part VI Translation87. Charity groups organized various activities to
raise money for the sur红米rs of the earthquake.
(为地震幸存者筹款)本题考察动词raise的用法。raise money
表示“筹款”。同一时候考生要留意surNokiar 的拼写。88. Linda couldn’t have
received my e-mail (不容许接纳本身的电子邮件), otherwise, she could have
have +过去分词。89. It’s my mother who/that keeps encouraging me not to
lose heart (一向激励自身绝不气馁) when I have difficulties in my
study.本题考查了重申句型和动词encourage的衬映。①重申句型it’s … that/who…
②encourage sb. (not) to do sth. 激励某一个人做有些事。90. The publishing house
has to consider the popularity of this novel.
into consideration。同时考生要留意名词popularity (受接待程度)
的拼写。91. It’s wrong to define happiness only by

  点评:推理判定题,从男人的“I got 多丽丝 to do some of

  注意shelf 复数情势是shelves

  5. D. He has found a better position。

  点评:事实细节题,首要听男子的汇报 “I’ve been offered a much better
position with another firm”


  6. A. They should finish the work as soon as possible。

  点评:推理判别题,从哥们的“But I think we should get it over with
this weekend”能够吸取。

  7. D. The furniture the man bought is inexpensive。

  点评:事实细节题,从男士的描述“dirt cheap”中得以吸收。

  dirt cheap 表示特别便利。furnish v. 表示安顿;安插 n. furniture

  8. B. The woman is waiting for a call。


  Conversation 1:

  9. A. She had a job interview to attend。

  点评:事实细节题。关键听取原著中“It’s just that she submitted a job
application yesterday and the company asked her in for an interview

  10. C. Submit her roommate’s assignment。

  点评:事实细节题加单词的平等替换。关键听取原来的文章中“I’m calling to see
whether it would be OK if I gave you her essay。”

必赢娱乐棋牌手机版,  11. A. Where Dr. Ellis’s office is located。

  点评:事实细节题。关键听取原著中“And Dr. Ellis, one more thing,
could you tell me where your office is?”

  Conversation 2:

  12. C. He can handle it quite well。

  点评:同义替换最早的小说内容“But it’s bearable now that I’ m used to
it”。be used to 代表为习于旧贯做某一件事。

  13. B. The 6:30 train。

  点评:细节题。入眼听取原著中“It was terrible at first, especially
getting up before dawn to catch that 6:30 train”

  14. C. The time on the train is enjoyable。

  点评:细节题加词性调换。注重听取原版的书文中“But now I quite enjoy it。”

  15. A. Reading newspapers。

  点评:细节与词义替换。珍视听取原著“In the morning, I just sit in
comfort and read the papers to catch up with the news。”

  16. D. Get key information by reading just once or twice。

  17. A. Choose one’s own system of marking。

  18. B. By reviewing only the marked parts。


  19. D. Everybody needs some sleep for survival。

  20. C. It is a rare exception。

  21. B. His mother’s injury just before his birth。


  22. C. She developed a strong interest in finance。

  23. D. She inherited a big fortune from her father。

  24. A. She was extremely mean with her money。

  25. B. She built a hospital with her mother’s money。

  26. identical

  27. approach

  28. back and forth

  29. opposite

  30. indicates

  31. referring to

  32. parallel to

  33. reserved

  34. at a right angle

  35. embarrassing



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