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  It is an established fact that the topic concerning happiness has
aroused stormy discussions in newspapers, television and network. So
what is happiness? When it comes to the above-mentioned question, people
opinions vary widely. While some people hold happiness equal to
nonexistence of problems, others stand on a different ground, for they
argue that happiness results from confronting and addressing problems
instead of disregarding or avoiding them。

  While the pace of people’s living is speeding up, the happiness
index is lower and lower. According to the recent statistic conducted by
CCTV—China’s most influential television station,people who hold that
they are in a state of unhappiness account for 78%. This phenomenon is
mostly due to the different attitudes towards happiness. To my mind, for
one thing, it is necessary to keep positive mind when confronting with
unpleasant things. For another, cooperation is of great significance in
our life。

  On the basis of the analysis above, we may draw a conlusion that
keeping optimistic, cooperative, and stronghearted, combined with being
persistent and decisive, really count in dealing with problems and being
happy. Only people who are skilled in handling problems can fully enjoy
happiness and success。

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