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  Dec. 14, 2013


  Dear Sir or Madam,


  I am writing to you in the hope that I may get an English editor
post in your company. I will graduate from Beijing ××University in July
next year, and my major is English. At present, I have no courses and I
have full time to work。


  I have read the requirements of being an English editor, and I think
I can meet them. On the one hand, I have been working hard and doing
well in the major courses to ensure that I have a good command of the
English language. On the other, I have a habit of thinking logically,
arranging things in order and doing things seriously and carefully. More
important, I am fond of words and like to deal with them。


  I appreciate your time in reviewing my application letter and I am
looking forward to your reply。


  Mike Lee

  Computer and Man


  It is believed that the computer can do almost every thing. At the
time the computer was invented, scientists, carried away by its
calculating speed, felt that they had created a miracle. It


  Was gradually used not only in mathematics, physics, chemistry and
astronomy, but in places like the library, hospital and military army to
replace the work of man. For the work of man. For this reason, the
computer was entiled “Electronic Brain” in terms of appreciation。

  Can man be controlled by computers? The answer is negative. Although
a computer works much faster and accurately than man , a fact is
undeniable; it is designed, manufactured and programmed by man, and
therefore by human beings. Of course, science fictions have made up many
fascinating stories about a computer, or rather robot, who conquers man
and the earth, even the whole universe; however, they are only
unrealistic imaginatio. A horse helps man a lot runs much faster than
we, but it is only a slave。

  The future for the computer is very promising. With the help of it,
we can do things that could not be done before. Conquering the universe,
discovering new things, explaining mysteruiys phenomena puzzling us at
present are all made possible by computer。



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