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  M: Err… Sandra, I’ve finished with Mr. Gordon now. Do you think
you could pop through in bringing me up-to-date on their arrangements
for the Italian trip?


  W: Certainly, Mr. Wilkinson. I’ll bring everything with me。

  M: Look at these low prices at these fashionable TV sets. Something
is fishy, don’t you think so?

  M: Right, take a seat. Now my first meeting is when?

  W: Well, there have been a lot of robberies recently. Some of the
stolen goods may have landed here。

  W: Your first meeting is on Monday the 21st at 9a.m. with Dr. Gucci
of Bancos en Piedra in Milan。

  Q: What does the woman imply about the low price television sets?

  M: OK, so can I fly out early Monday morning?

  M: I’ve been assigned to cover the governess speech today. What
about you?

  W: Well, there is a flight to Lenarty Airport which leaves at six
thirty London time and gets in at eight thirty Italian time。

  W: Nothing is grand as yours. I have to do an interview for the
evening news about a man with dozens of cats。

  M: Yeah, but that only leaves me thirty minutes to clear customs in
getting to the city center and it means I have to check in by five
thirty, which means leaving home at about four fifteen。

  Q: What do we learn about the speakers?

  W: I’m afraid so。

  W: Didn’t I see you going into the administration building this

  M: Hmm… not so keen on that. What’s the program for the rest of
that day?

  M: I needed to switch my computer class to the 950 section。

  W: It’s quite full, I’m afraid. At eleven, you’re seeing Jeana
Rivard at Meg Star and then you’ll have a lunch engagement with Gaven
from the Chamber of Commerce at one。

  Q: What do we learn from the conversation?

  M: Where’s that? W: You’re meeting him at his office and then he’s
taking you somewhere. M: Good, that sounds fine. What about the

  W: Iguess you watch the quiz show on television last night. What did
you think about it?

  W: Well, at three thirty, you’re seeing our sales representative
there and then you’re free till evening. M: I see. I seem to remember
that I’m having a dinner with someone from Bergamo。

  M: Well, it’s great. The first four contestants won only small
prizes, but the fifth left with a new luxury car。

  W: That’s right. And Mr. Betty from SAP Industries at eight。

  Q: What does the man say about the quiz show?

  Q12: What would the man like the woman to do?

  W: I can’t find the arrival time of the New York to Boston Express
on this schedule。

  Q13: At what time is Mr. Wilkinson going to leave home for the

  M: Look for New York in the left-hand column and follow it across
until you find the hour listed in the Boston column。

  Q14: Who is Mr. Wilkinson going to have a lunch with on Monday?

  Q: What are the speakers most probably doing?

  Q15: What is most probably the woman’s job?

  W: You look different today, but Ican’t quite put my finger on what
it is。


  M: Oh, yesterday I finally got around to that new barbershop in the
mall and enjoyed their services。


  Q: What can be inferred about the man?

  W: What do you think Picasso’s painting exhibited in the city

  M: Personally I can’t quite see the meaning in his modern works.
Most of them remind me of the stuff my nephew brings home from the

  Q: What does the man mean?

  W: Rod said he wanted to get involved in student government this

  M: But he hasn’t gone through a single meeting, has he?

  Q: What does the man imply about Rod?


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