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  The Overusing of  Cell Phones

  This picture portrays such an ironic situation: on the road, stands
a man, who is completely concentrating on his cell phone whereas using a
stick for direction, which implies the unprecedented popularity or even
overusing of cell phones nowadays。

  Exaggerated as the picture is , the phenomenon behind it is rather
thought-procking. With the development of high-tech equipment,
especially smart phones, people in growing numbers tend to become
addicted to the excessive use of them. According to a survey carried out
in China Daily several days ago, almost 47% of citizens explain that
they would experience certain kind of anxiety without cellphones at
hand. Meanwhile, the overusing of cellphones, firstly, would exert
detrimental impact on the health of us. What’s worse, it would perform a
negative character in interpersonal relationship since we have less time
to communicate。

  Judging from the evidence above, certain measures should be taken.
Firstly, certain institutions in China should launch relevant campaigns
to limit the excessive ust of cellphones. Moreover, we ,as college
students, should put emphasis on it right from ourselves as a start。




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