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  The Impact of the Mobile Phone in People’s Life

  The thought-provoking drawingmirrors a common phenomenon in
contemporary society that there is the negativeinfluence of mobile
phone. As is subtly shown in the picture,so manypeople are too much
addicted to cell phones that they use walking sticks to seethe road.
What a meaningful cartoon!

  It is to me that indulging in mobilephones produces native
influences on body and mind. First and foremost,overusing mobile phones
is detrimental to physical health for watching mobilesfor a long stretch
definitely impairs one’s eyesight.Suppose that a man is addicted in cell
phones in whatever situation, it will bevery disadvantageous for him to
concentrate on his work, learning, or dailylife and is very likely to
hurt him. Furthermore, overusing cell phonesadversely affects state of
mind. An addict may stay inside his bubble insteadof pursuing other
endeavors, which eventually prevents the growth of thinkskills。

  It is high time that we took effective measures to curb thistrend. I
cherish a belief that cell phones themselves are not good or bad andwe
can benefit a lot from it as long as we take a good control over them。




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