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Harry is an American businessman. His job requires him to do a lot of
travelling. He takes 9 or 10 trips a year. In the past six months he has
made five trips. Three were to Asia and two were to Europe. The purpose
of these trips is to attend meetings and make presentations.

  Passage 2

Harry loves to travel and he has traveled to many countries. Most of his
trips are for one or two weeks. His first international trip was 15
years ago when he was 20 years old. He really wanted to see Asia, so he
and a friend flew to Tokyo, Japan.

  Results of a recent Harry’s pool on free time showed that the
average work week for many Americans is 50 hours. With the time spent
eating, sleeping and taking care of the household duties, there’s little
time left for leisure activities for many Americans. However, having
free time to relax and pursue hobbies is important. People need time
away from the pressures of study or work to relax and enjoy time with
friends and family. In many countries free time is spent in different
ways. The results of a Harry’s pool showed that reading was the most
popular spare time activity in the US. This was followed by watching TV.
In a UK survey on leisure time activities, watching TV and videos was
the most popular. Listening to the radio came second. In a similar
survey conducted in Japan, the most popular free time activity was
eating out. The second most popular activity was driving. There were
also differences in the most popular outdoor pursuits between the three
countries. The most popular outdoor activity for Americans was
gardening. In the UK, it was going to the pub. In Japan, going to bars
ranked eighth in popularity and gardening ranked ninth. Although people
around the world may enjoy doing similar things in their free time,
there’s evidence to suggest that these interests are changing. In the
US, for example, the popularity of computer activities is increasing.
Many more people in the States are spending their free time surfing the
web, emailing friends or playing games online。

From Tokyo, they traveled around Japan for 2 weeks. The people they met
very nice, but most of them didn’t speak English. Harry tried to speak a
little Japanese, but it was difficult. He didn’t do very well. When he
spoke to people, most of them just looked at him. They didn’t understand
what he was trying to say.

  Question 20

From Japan they went to Korea for a week, and then they went to China.
In China they visited the Great Wall in Beijing. He stayed in Beijing
for a few days and then they boarded a train for shanghai. It was an
overnight train with sleeping cars.

  What is the recent Harry Pole about?

During the journey, they enjoyed looking out of the window at the
countryside. The view from the train was wonderful. Harry will never
forget watching the sun go down in the evening. It was a beautiful

  Question 21

必赢娱乐棋牌手机版,The journey to shanghai took many hours, but it was an unforgettable
experience. On the train, he met a Chinese Professor who spoke English.
He was middle-aged man whose hair was turning grey. He told them about
how things were changing in China. It was wonderful to watch him as he
was speaking. His eyes were full of energy and excitement.

  What was the most popular leisure activity in the US?

They only stayed in shanghai for a couple of days. Then they returned to
US and went back to school. They had one more years to finish their

  Question 22

Harry’s next new trips were to different parts of the world. He went to
Europe twice, each time to different countries. On one trip he travel
through the UK and France. On the next trip he went Italy and Greece.

  What was the most popular outdoor pursuit in the UK?

After the Europe he traveled to Mexico and South America. In south
America he went to Argentina and Brazil. He enjoyed watching some great
soccer matches.


Then he decided to go back to Asia. But this time, he went to Southeast
Asia. He visited Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore. Each country had a
charm of its own.

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After this travel, harry decided to make travel part of his career. He
didn’t want to work only in the US. He didn’t work only with Americans.
He wanted to experience other countries and other cultures. His dream
was to work for an international company.

Five years ago his dream came true. Now he’s working for a German
hi-tech company. As part of his job, he has to travel a lot. As a
result, he has been to many cities and counties. And he has met many
interesting people.


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