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Child marriage, refers to the phenomenon that minor men and women get
married. Although it is unreasonable for a child to marry in most
people’s opinion, it still exists in many countries. Child marriage is
easily causing domestic violence and sexual abuse. At the same time,
child marriage can easily lead to underage dropouts and poverty.
Although UNICEF and anti-child-marriage organizations are actively
calling for anti-child marriage around the world. However, child
marriage still remains a ubiquitous issue in today’s society.


When we see the data from World Policy Analysis Center, we can found
that Child marriage is still legal in some countries.

  In most cultures throughout the world, there is an expectation that
when a person reaches adulthood, marriage should soon follow. In the
United States (62) ,each month upwards of 168,000 couples wed, (63) to
love, honor, and respect their chosen life mates (64) death parts them.
The expectation is deep-rooted。

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  (65) the social functions, purposes, and relevance of marriage are
rapidly changing in (66) society, making them less clear-cut than they
have been (67) history. For instance, in a Pew Research Center random
polling of over 2,000 (68) fewer than half of all of the adults polled
indicated that (69) a man and a woman plan to spend the (70) of their
lives together as a couple, it was important than (71) marry。

From the above map, we can find that there are still many countries
allow their child marry when they still a child. Some Middle Eastern
countries allows their child under 14 to marry.

  Those of us who choose to marry have (72) reasons why we decide to
marry the person we do. There is a (73) , however in our Western,
individualistic culture: We tend to marry for reasons that benefit
ourselves, (74) for reasons that benefit the society (75) , such as
found in collectivist cultures. Research in Western cultures has found,
for example, that the number-one (76) people cite for marrying to
signify a lifelong commitment (77) someone they love. However, this
reason is not the only response to why people wed—today, people get
married for reasons of commitment, security, and personal belief
systems. The Pew Research Center’s recent findings (78) that the main
reasons people get married are for (79) happiness and commitment, and
bearing and missing children. As the date from this (80) show us, there
are racial, age, and religious differences in what people (81) to be the
main purposes of getting married。

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  62. A)alone B) solely C) barely D) again

When we looks first map, although we can found that some countries allow
child marriage, but the number is still less. However, when we look at
the second map, we can know that allowing child marriage is so common in
many countries under the parental consent, even in some developed
countries, such as America, Canada and Japan. In fact, “parental
permission” is actually “parental coercion” in many cases. Because the
law does not support the investigation of child’s personal will, even if
the child strongly shows resistance to their marriages, Courts usually
can not interfere either. That make some tragedy. Some men raped young
girls, but they persuade their parents to marry their daughter to them,
so that they can avoid legal sanction.

  63. A)trusting B) competing C) vowing D) pretending

After we know some legal of child marriage, so what is the real
condition of child marriage.

  64. A)after B) until C) when D) though

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  65. A)However B) Hence C)Therefore D) Then

Across the globe, levels of child marriage are highest in sub-Saharan
Africa, where around 4 in 10 young women were married before age 18;
about one in eight were married or in union before age 15. Lower levels
of child marriage are in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, however, still
1 in 10 young women were before age 18 and one in hundred were married
or in union before age 15.

  66. A) contemporary B) conventional C) constructive D)consequent

Marriage before the age of 18 is a fundamental violation of human
rights, but is all too common. It let the child’s life be full of risk.
According to the survey of UNICEF, there are 7main reasons make the
child marriage still exist.

  67. A) beyond B) throughout C) within D) amidst

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  68. A) objects B) specimens C) individuals D) incidents

Although we can easily know the reasons cause child marriage, but these
problem are not so easy to eliminate and deal with. Child marriage still
compromises a child’s development. It can lead to social isolation,
early pregnancy, interruption of schooling and career, domestic
violence. And it even may cause death.

  69. A) whereas B) unless C) for D) if

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  70. A) whole B) total C) leftover D) rest

Many people and organizations are trying to promote the anti-child
marriage. Last year, Coby Persin, a well-known American blogger,
conducted a social experiment at Times Square in New York City,
deliberately arranging a group of elders and little girls to take
wedding photos and observe passersby’s reactions. In this regard, Coby
Persin wants to draw the attention of American people to child marriage
and concerns about this topic.

  71. A) equally B) legally C) nominally D) vitally

Another organization in Norway planed a wedding between a 12 year girl
and a 37 year old man to attract people’s attention to child marriage.

  72. A) radical B) constant C) specific D) designated

However,the anti-child marriage in the world still have a long way to

  73. A) worry B) confidence C) myth D) tendency

  74. A) rather than B) or else C) not only D) as well

  75. A) at length B) at large C) at random D) at risk

  76. A) ease B) belief C) reason D) notion

  77. A) about B) over C) in D) to

  78. A) suggest B) raise C) signify D) resolve

  79. A) moral B) mutual C) visual D) versatile

  80. A) legend B) episode C)survey D) blueprint

  81. A) observe B) dispatch C) substitute D) consider


  62. A)alone

  63. C) vowing

  64. B) until

  65. A)However

  66. A) contemporary

  67. B) throughout

  68. B) specimens

  69. D) if

  70. D) rest

  71. C) nominally

  72. C) specific

  73. D) tendency

  74. A) rather than

  75. A) at length

  76. C) reason

  77. D) to

  78. A) suggest

  79. B) mutual

  80. C)survey

  81. D) consider


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