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I have such kind of partner who likes to throw cold water on me. This
partner is my husband.

  82.______________(我们刚到山顶)than we all sat down to

Last week, we talked through wechat, he asked me what did I do
recently,I told him my colorful life:took part in the meeting of
toastmaster, delivered ACB speech one by one ,had organized the 6th
anniversary party of Qingdao TMC, and planned to open my wechat-shop. He
asked me suddently: How about your learning of driving? Did you pass the
driving exam of project 2?How about your wechat-shop?Only planning? He
always managed to say the wrong things. I didn’t know how to answer him,
because I had not learned driving for 2 months after failing the1st
driving exam of project 2, and I added none product in my wechat-shop,so
I just kept silent. He continued to criticize me that my ideas and plans
were too many ,and criticized I didn’t know which were the important
things for me,in the end,he threw me a sentence coldly :You are useless
at all. What a bad husband he is!

  83. Anyone driving with a high blood alcohol level
______________(将被指控为醉驾) and face a severe penalty。

My husband’s words irritated me, I argued with him at that time, I
explained: I liked Toastmaster ,I liked making speech,I should organize
the 6th anniversary party of Qingdao TMC because I was VPPR, That was my
responsibility. Blablabla…

  84. Many people have become so addicted to onlineshopping that they

As you know I was a good speaker trained in Toastmaster, so my husband
was defeated in this quarrel, but my husband mocked me and said: it
really needed to lift a brand in front of the meeting room of
Toastmaster, writing: searching for a nice wife? Please bypass!

  85. You are an executive council member of ourorganization,

Actually, I was angry at that moment, I complained my husband that he
did not see my improvements and achievements through my effort. So, I
did not talk with my husband for 2 days! During the 2days I thought a
lot, at last, to my surprise, I changed my ideas of complaining my
husband, but began to appreciate him. Do you know why? I thought what my
husband said might be right, I really had too many ideas and plans
distracted a lot of my energy, and I really did not know which were the
important things for me, so I asked myself: More is better? Isn’t right?
What did I do to spend my whole day? I found I did a lot of trifles of
no use, while something which was very important for me had not been
done. What my husband said gave me enlightenment,I should learn to
choose which is important for me at present ,just like what Yaohua said
in his speech of contest. The only standard of choosing is whether you
really really want or not, if you choose, then, focus your whole energy
on the key things, and get rid of other things.

  86. To fully appreciate the author’s motive andintention, you really
have to______________ (仔细从字里行间去解读)。

After thinking, I found at first I should pass the driving exam of
project 2 asap., because my husband hoped to buy a car for whole family
, so we needed a professional driver urgently,so I connected my driving
coach to continue learning driving, Secondly,I really wanted to combine
the English and traditional Chinese medicine together, so my bilingual
wechat-shop of 诚益养生 Hone-BeneHealth was a very good combination,so I
tried to add new products and write articles in my wechat-shop.


After two days of cold war, my husband contactedme and said:Dear honey,
congratulation, I saw your articles in your wechat-shop,you did very

  82. No sooner had we reached the top of thehill

I replied politely with “hehe”: thanks,do you think I am still useless?
Whatever, thanks a lot for your words, which gave me enlightenment.

  83. will be accused of drunk driving

My husband puzzled and said:I can’t understand what you said.

  84. can’t help themselves visiting shoppingwebsites everyday

I said: I also can’t feel warm by what yousaid.

  85. what you said weighs a lot /what you said matters

My husband said: It is meaningless if you always quarrel with me.

  86. understand/readcarefully between the lines

I said: It is also meaningless if you always throw cold water on me.

My husband said: Ok,I am wrong, please forgive me.I won’t do it again.

I said: ok,I forgive you.

But actually, I do appreciate my husband a lot, because when you feel
everything good in your life, when you are flattered in your life, you
really need someone to throw cold water on you, and say “you are useless
at all.”, to let you realize which is important for you at present.


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