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  二〇一四年八月二十二日全国民代表大会学斯洛伐克共和国(The Slovak Republic)语六级考试完结,本次试验为多题多卷,知乎教育[微博]第偶然间收罗整理不一致版本试题,供考生参谋,以下是新东方在线[微博]提供的2015年八月意国语六级作文范文:



图片 1翻阅无走后门插图

  “‘How To Do Well In School Without Studying’ is over there in the
fiction section”

  As is vividly depicted in the picture,before thecirculation desk
stands a student,who wants to find a shortcut to learning,withthe
librarian pointing it to him.On the lower part of the picture,we can
seesome English characters which read “’ How To Do Well In School
Without Studying’is over there in the fiction section”。


  Asto me, I think there is no shortcut to success,and the English
characters underthe picture also mean that the shortcut to success only
exist in the virtualworld.Whetheryou can do well in school is based on
the effort that you spend on study.Thatis to say,the more diligent you
are,the better your study is.Diligent is momentous and fundamental to
people whatthe soul is vital and significant to us.Had it not been for
it,we could nothave been success.The story of Ma Yun,founder of China’s
online tradingempire,best prove the significance of diligent in
realizing personal ambitionand creating value to the world。

  It is a common phenomenon that a large number of students are
pursuing success with a wrong belief that there exists a shortcut to
learning. The picture given reveals this fact in an ironic way. We can
easily notice from the cartoon that a student is asking the teacher in
the library how to achieve accomplishment in school without studying,
while the teacher is pointing to the fiction section to tell him to work

  “Themost crucial part of your life,”once wrote a distinguished
professor, “is tocultivate the quality of diligent。”I was,and
remains,the supporter of the ideathat “There is no shortcut to

  Learning is actually a painstaking process in which both students on
campuses and employees of working agencies are struggling to acquire
knowledge by sparing great efforts. On the contrary, some people in
today’s society aim at studying without hard work, following the
so-called “shortcut” ways. From my own perspective, there is no shortcut
in the way to learn. First and foremost, learning or obtaining knowledge
is based on the accumulation step by step. The famous saying that Rome
is not built in one day teaches us that no goal is achieved without
persistence and accumulation. In addition, the shortcut to learning is
extremely appealing to those who are unwilling to spend time and energy
studying because they might win by a fluke. However, students advocating
the shortcut is unlikely to win every time. Last but not least, the
fickleness and negative attitudes towards exams are responsible for the
widespread trend of the shortcut belief, and it surely lead to the
failure of study to some students. Taking a look around us, we can find
that many agencies and people believe in the prediction of the exams,
and students may be indulged in the so-called perditions and pay no
attention to studying hard。


  As has been mentioned, learning without hard work tends to be
useless and meaningless, for students cannot have a great chance to grow
into all-round intellectuals. The picture makes us college students
aware of the great significance of true skill and genuine knowledge.
Only by making efforts to learn in and after class can we gain solid and
real ability and competence。(新东方在线、Hong Kong新东方 纪军)


  就自己来讲,小编感觉成功是平素不走后门的,何况图画下方的也认证了中标的走后门只设有于科学幻想小说的虚构世界中。因为你能还是不可能获取好成绩决定于你在念书上提交的用力。也正是说,你越忙绿,你的成绩就能越好。费力对于大家的首要,宛就好像灵幻对于我们的要紧同样。若无它,我们就不能够获得成功。马云(Jack Ma)[微博],中中原人民共和国互连网贸易帝国的祖师,他的遗闻就十一分好的印证了不辞辛劳在促成个人指标和为世界成立价值方面包车型大巴注重。



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